Holiday Gifts for Travel Lovers

Holiday Gifts for Travel Lovers


Holiday Gifts for Travel Lovers

Shopping for a travel-lover this holiday season? ( No shame.) These goodies are perfect for frequent fliers or those who love to fill their homes with wanderlust inspiration to keep that vacation feeling year-round. Scroll to the bottom for some bonus stocking-stuffer ideas and a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial to get you started. Happy gift shopping! 

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On the Go

Anti-Theft Purse

I love to carry a small cross-body bag with me while traveling for my phone, money and chapstick. I always have a hard time finding one that deters purse-snatchers, though. This one has some impressive anti-theft features, including locking compartments and straps, slash-resistant panels, and RFID-blocking on the card slots. It's 8.5" by 8.5" but comes in larger designs too, as well as a variety of colors. 

Hidden Pocket Scarf

Does it get any better than a scarf that can conceal your phone and money? I like to carry a scarf with me when I travel to serve as an accessory, blanket, pillow, towel, shawl – whatever I need it to be! This style adds another function with a hidden pocket for tucking your money away or keeping your phone in reach when you're wearing pocketless pants or leggings. 

Gadget Organizer

Who doesn't travel with camera, GoPro, laptop, phone, tablet, drone and robot these days? This organizer keeps all the cords and accessories sorted so you can all focus on what matters most – snapping the most jealousy-inducing Instagram photo ever. 

Travel Pillow

Seasoned travelers have probably already tested half a dozen variations of travel pillows, trying to find the best formation to finally be able to sleep on that red-eye flight. I always end up folding the u-shaped ones in half to try to get more support, which is why this contorting pillow caught my attention. Bend it, wrap it, "accidentally" smack your snoring neighbor with it ... whatever works best.

Space Saver Bags

For every backpacker and wannabe light packer, these compression bags are a lifesaver. The air releases when you roll them up, so they're easy to use on the go. Pro tip: If you like to souvenir shop, pack your clothes normally on the way to your destination, and use these to gain some extra space on the way pack. 

Portable Charger

When you're traveling somewhere new and amazing, you don't want to reach for your phone to snap a picture and realize it's dead. This little external battery has enough juice in it to give most phones a full recharge on the go, and it's only the size of a lipstick, so it can slip easily into a purse or pocket. 

At Home

Scratch Map

What better way to keep track of and reflect on all your amazing trips than with a scratch map that also makes a colorful piece of art. I like this one because it breaks down the U.S. states and Canadian provinces and has a pretty watercolor design underneath.  

Travel Decor

This cute throw pillow cover helps keep that travel spark alive when your only trips involve wandering back and forth between the pantry and the couch on #NetflixNight. 


Souvenir Boxes

Perfect for decorating mantels or lining bookshelves, these faux book boxes can store all the postcards, train tickets, trinkets and leftover coins that found their way home from that last gallivant across Europe.   

Coffee Table Book

Lonely Planet's annual travel guide is packed with ideas for family vacations, cultural explorations, new accommodations and budget-friendly destinations. Use the lists of top 10 cities, regions and countries to flesh out 2018 travel plans and keep that bucket list growing. 

Stocking Stuffers

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