Welcome to Harbors and Havens! I'm Michelle Joy, a freelance writer living in Texas and traveling as often as possible. I started Harbors and Havens as a way to share my wanderlust, inspire others to see more of the world and encourage fellow girl (and guy) bosses on their entrepreneurial journeys.

My Story

With an American dad, a British mom and a childhood as a missionary kid in Venezuela, I learned to appreciate other cultures from a young age. While I followed a somewhat typical path of graduating college and getting a desk job, I soon learned that a daily commute and only two weeks of leave a year were not the avenue to happiness for me. So I left my position as a magazine writer and editor last year and started working freelance, spending about 25% of the time traveling, usually with my hubby. So far, I've visited 15 countries and 30 something states!

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