Welcome to Harbors and Havens! I'm Michelle Joy, a freelance writer living in Texas and traveling as often as possible. I started Harbors and Havens as a way to share my wanderlust, inspire others to see more of the world, and offer practical advice and guides to make travel planning easier.

My Story

With an American dad, a British mom and a childhood as a missionary kid in Venezuela, I learned to appreciate other cultures from a young age. While I followed a somewhat typical path of graduating college and getting a desk job, I soon learned that a daily commute and only two weeks of leave a year were not the avenue to happiness for me. So I left my position as a magazine writer and editor in the dust and started working freelance, spending about 25% of the time traveling. So far, I've visited 20 countries and 30 something states!

If you want to know more about why I decided to start a travel blog, check out this post

My Travel Style

I travel both solo and with my hubby, mainly in North America and Europe, though we’re starting to branch out more. We’re childless and active, so we tend to travel fast and take a lot of road trips, scoping out what destinations we want to spend more time at in the future. So, itineraries on Harbors and Havens tend to be action packed and full of ideas.

Little villages, dramatic coastlines and breathtaking nature are my cup of tea, but every now and then I scope out a big city to see what all the fuss is about.