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The Best Way to See Kleftiko Milos Beach

Turquoise-tinted water, white cliffs, intriguing tunnels and caves — Kleftiko beach is simply spectacular. This guide will help you plan out your excursion to the stunning site on the south coast of Greece’s Milos island, with info on how to get there, where to book Kleftiko Milos boat tours, and what you can’t forget to bring along.

Everything You Need to Know About Sarakiniko Beach Milos

With an intriguing lunar landscape, chalky white cliffs, and perfectly clear water, Sarakiniko Beach Milos is one of the most popular destinations on the Greek island. Before heading out to the unique shoreline, take a glimpse at this handy guide to Sarakiniki, including where to park, what to bring and where to stay nearby.

20 of the Best Things to Do in Milos Greece

Turquoise waters, incredible sea caves, and colorful fishing villages make Milos a must-see Greek island. If you’re looking for things to do in Milos, Greece, this bucket list full of natural attractions, beaches and whitewashed towns will get you started. The travel guide also includes tips for your trip, ideas for where to stay, and info on how to get to the island.

10 Summer Vacation Destinations to Escape the Crowds

For many people, summer is the most convenient time to travel, but this means that vacation destinations see inflated crowds during the season. How do you avoid hoards of tourists during a summer holiday? Look no further than these quiet summer destinations recommended by travel bloggers around the world.

5 Budget Tips to Save on Food in Kauai

When you think of a Hawaii vacation, do you immediately see dollar signs? Since it's the northernmost of the major islands (and therefore more remote), Kauai, in particular, can empty wallets pretty quickly. Just like anywhere else, though, exercising control over what you spend makes a huge difference.

8 Ways to Fall in Love With Kauai

When you imagine paradise, what comes to mind? Perhaps misty waterfalls running down verdurous mountain walls, rainbows arching from deep valleys into endless blue skies, or the sounds of a creek trickling over rocks to spill into the sea.