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17 Travel Experiences I Loved in 2017

This year, I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland, dancing across the dark night sky in fluorescent shades of green. I experienced a different kind of light show standing in the middle of Times Square in New York, on a long-time-coming trip to a city I once I thought I'd live in, but still hadn't visited years later.

Christmas Traditions Around the World

I’ve spent the holiday season in three countries and all over the United States, so Christmas has meant coats, flip-flops, and everything in between. But despite many changes in scenery and climate over the years, a few traditions prevail.

Why I Started a Travel Blog So Late in the Game

You all know that compliment “you’re one in a million,” right? Well, when it comes to travel blogging, it often feels like I’m just one OF a million. Or millions. And that’s not completely false. Google the phrase “travel blog” and you’ll get nearly 300 million hits.