Visiting Kauai: 5 Tips to Save on Food

When you think of a Hawaii vacation, do you immediately see dollar signs? Since it's the northernmost of the major islands (and therefore more remote), Kauai, in particular, can empty wallets pretty quickly. Just like anywhere else, though, exercising control over what you spend makes a huge difference.

8 Ways to Fall in Love With Kauai

When you imagine paradise, what comes to mind? Perhaps misty waterfalls running down verdurous mountain walls, rainbows arching from deep valleys into endless blue skies, or the sounds of a creek trickling over rocks to spill into the sea.

Why I Started a Travel Blog So Late in the Game

You all know that compliment “you’re one in a million,” right? Well, when it comes to travel blogging, it often feels like I’m just one OF a million. Or millions. And that’s not completely false. Google the phrase “travel blog” and you’ll get nearly 300 million hits.

Harbors and Havens is on Bloglovin!

I just added Harbors and Havens to Bloglovin', so you can now keep up with my latest posts along with your other favorite blogs. What is Bloglovin'?It's a collection of blogs from different of niches - travel, fashion, home decor, food, fitness, etc - all on one website.

Postcards from Assisi, Italy

Wandering up and down the narrow alleys or gazing over the medieval walls to the countryside below, you'll be enveloped by the centuries of history in Assisi. The hilltop city in central Italy's Umbria region is best known as the birthplace of St. Francis

Beach Stays: Sea Shore Motel in Santa Monica, CA

It was shortly after 8 p.m. when we walked in to the lobby at the Sea Shore Motel. We had not had dinner yet and most of the local restaurants were closing in an hour. “We’ll just check in really quick, grab our key and head out,” I thought, naively. There are certain charms about smaller hotels.

5 of Our Favorite Towns on California’s Coast

Striking hilltop mansions, rugged cliffs and dramatic sunsets combine to make California’s Central Coast a bucket list destination. Like many visitors to the area, we opted to do a road trip along the stretch of Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Postcards from Orvieto, Italy

The old town of Orvieto in central Italy sits on a volcanic rock several hundred feet above a river valley. Looking down, you'll see why the surrounding Umbria region is called the Green Heart of Italy. Along the winding stone streets, you might pass by a century-old bakery or a small linen shop that smells of hand-pressed soaps.